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Bike Riding Niche Vacation Rental TravelTravelers have a lot of options when it comes to accommodation – vacation rentals are just one of them. Getting your property to jump off a page of search results is no small feat.

What if you could position your rental in a way that maximized your efforts and did a better job of attracting your ideal renter, while possibly increasing your income? Experienced marketers advocate an approach that does just that: Niche marketing.

A niche market is a distinct group of people within a larger group of potential customers. Many consumers aren’t even aware of the rental home market yet, which makes vacation home renters a distinct group of travelers already.

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The easiest way to get amazing photos of your vacation rental is to hire a professional photographer. But, for whatever reason (cost, time, budding photography skills, etc.) you may still decide to do it yourself. Since I did not get the expert photog gene, I decided to gather up the best tips from around the web to help you get the most out of your next photo session.

Travelers Do Judge a Book by It’s Cover

Quote MarkYou have just about 30 seconds to nab the attention of a traveler trying to find the perfect place for their upcoming trip.  So it’s incredibly important you choose a photo of your property that stands out in a crowd.

Source: Tripping

PanaViz Professionally Staged Photo

PanaViz professionally staged photo

Stage Your Rental

Quote MarkVacation homes are an alternative to hotels, and hotels usually have fabulous photos that are immaculately styled and photographed. Vacation owners can do the same, endeavoring to keep the images real. Hotels may have restrictions on props and amount of staging, but rentals are homes. People will lounge in them, cook in them; take leisurely baths and more. Stage the rentals to reflect these homely comforts. We suggest that you style your homes with items that come with the rental such as the tableware, adding extras such as a small flower arrangement and fresh fruit.

Source: PanaViz

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